• Digital giants like Google and Facebook have been harvesting our personal information, sharing and selling it. How could blockchain create a new paradigm, where the user comes first, and not a business’ bottom line?

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    that type of info is mainly used for advertising. we get rid of advertising we get rid of the need for such metrics
    -Easier said that done...
    -We get rid of advertising we get rid of free Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Etc do we not?
    -We do. But I would rather pay for those services that I actually like. I pay for Spotify but not Reddit. That's because my reddit needs are easily met elsewhere.
    -if you want "free" products then dont' complain about advertising.
    However if people simply pay small amounts like for Netflix or even micro amounts then we would eventually have vendors that do not need to rely on ad revenue, it really is that simple.
    The lack of business acumen in this sub is astounding.
    -Totally agree with you, except for the astounding part: A large portion of this subreddit is populated by pseudo intellectual teenagers with shortsighted dreams of driving a Lamborghini to their high school and rubbing it in the faces of all the girls who rejected them. I don't expect these scrubs to understand that nearly all tech companies (big or small) generate most of their revenue from ads or harvesting user data.

    Give an unproven startup your Google and Facebook data?
    Even hugely successful icos that raised billions have been shown to have gaping security issues.
    Yes instead of giving our data so few servers, lets give our data to hundreds servers.
    Who will guarantee that data on blockchain will not become public? Decrypted and so on? Public blockchain is STUPID idea for storing private info.
    Google and Facebook services are for free, no one forced us to use them, and they make our life a lot easier and comfortable, besides that, we owe this tech company a lot of credit of how our society looks like today( Good or bad this is a different matter). so although I hate that they misused their power once in a while, for me its worth it.
    -Fb harvest your data even when you don't use their service btw. Google I'm sure do it as well.
    -There are even any people how don't use them though?
    -FB Pixel tracks data across sites you browse, then matches that data with as much information as possible. There's a YT video about it .
    -FB Pixel会跨站追踪你浏览的网站信息,然后将这些数据与尽可能多的信息进行匹配。油管上有相关的介绍视频。

    Anything that is “free” generally isn’t free.
    -It appears gratis, but you pay with your data.
    -We owe them nothing.
    -They owe us, is more like it.

    First, personal information, location, habbits etc are today most valuable "currency".
    Crypto is just a way to try it more decentralized. But this kind of data will still be there. It will depend on who has access to it.
    That big corporations and govs are already implied in crypto projects or business to have "early access" to this data.
    As I said, there is no way around unfortunately except to live outside it.